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    Where could that bottle on the beach end up?

    Where could that bottle on the beach end up?

    Is there a message in these plastic bottles? The oceans carry massive amounts of plastic around the world, creating huge problems for marine life – and ultimately the food chain. What is being done about this? Jan Andries van Franeker, a biologist

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    Disposable coffee cups

    Disposable coffee cups: what impact do they have?

    Are you amongst people that throw away around 25 or more disposable coffee cups every week? If so, surely that must have an environmental impact at the end of a year! But what are the alternatives and how can you make a difference? Think of an average office,

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    cucumbers wrapped in plastic

    Seriously, do we really need cucumbers wrapped in plastic?

    Do you ever get home from shopping and wonder about the quantity of plastic wrapping on everything? And cling-wrapping cucumbers, surely that’s a complete waste of resources? Bags for vegetables, bags for fruit, bags for bread, cling-wrap for meat

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